Importing Existing Recordings

Importing Existing Recordings

You can import recordings that you have made outside VinylStudio into your collection. To do so, click on the Record tab and then:

If you have already added the album to your collection, click on Work with an existing album, then select the album from the dropdown list and click on Import Sound File. You can also import files via the File History List in the Cleanup Audio window, where you can see which files have been imported or recorded previously for a particular album side.

The file you select will, at your option, either be left where it is or copied or moved into VinylStudio's recordings folder. VinylStudio can import a variety of recording formats.

If you wish to re-import a file that you have edited outside VinyStudio, please refer to the File History List help topic. You can also use the File History List to convert between recording formats.

Importing Multiple Files

As of VinylStudio V8.7, you can import several files at once for any particular album. This can be useful where the files are individual tracks, rather than whole album sides. VinylStudio can insert trackbreaks between the files for you and automatically name the tracks from the file names.

To import multile files, ctrl+click (or, on the Mac, command+click) or shift+click on the files when they are displayed in the list. VinylStudio will then take care of the rest. If the files are not in the right order, you can drag them around after you open them (but before you complete the import).