Cleanup Audio - The Corrections List

Cleanup Audio - The Corrections List

The Corrections List lists all the clicks, and potential clicks, found by scanning the album side. It also lists any cuts you may have made, any markers you have inserted, any click repairs inserted or adjusted manually and any patches you may have made.

Each entry in the list has a time stamp and then, for clicks or would-be clicks, the click width (in samples at 44100 samples per second) and the channel (Left or Right). In addition:

The checkboxes below the list control what is displayed. Note that, to select a click repair in the waveform display, Show Clicks must be checked.

To select a correction from the list, click on it and then zoom in using the mouse wheel, the + and - keys or the zoom buttons in the toolbar. You can also use the corrections list to delete a correction - right-click in the list for more information.

TIP: to select a range of corrections, click on the first in the list and then shift-click on the last.