Custom Tags Editor

Custom Tags Editor

The custom tags editor allows you to create whatever tags you like, both at the album level and the track level (a tag created at the track level takes precedence over the same tag created at the album level, if any). You can open it from the Edit Album Details or Edit Track Details dialogs.

Use this editor to add tags that VinylStudio doesn't directly support or to keep track of your work. Please note that not all players display all tags for all file types. You can also specify values for tags that VinylStudio would normally generate automatically. If you do this, your custom tag(s) take precedence.

You can use the following keys to navigate in the grid:

Arrow keys Move up / down / left / right between cells.
Tab / Shift-Tab Move forwards or backwards one cell.
Ctrl+down arrow Drop down the list (even if not editing the cell).
Cmd+down arrow (⌘) Drop down the list (even if not editing the cell).
Ctrl+Tab Tab from the grid to the buttons.
Ctrl+Tab Tab from the grid to the buttons (when VoiceOver is active).
Ctrl+Enter Close the grid, accepting any changes you have made.

Click the 'Set as Default' button to have VinylStudio store a set of custom tags to be applied automatically to any albums created henceforth. To clear any defaults previously defined, click 'Clear Defaults' (although this will not affect any existing albums).

You can specify the following keywords in the value field:

[Date Recorded] The date this album was recorded, in the form dd-Mmm-yyyy (e.g. 01-Jan-2021).
[Time Recorded] The time this album was recorded, in the form hh:mm (24 hour clock, e.g. 21:30).

You can also use any of the keywords listed under Controlling How Split-Up Tracks are Stored Using Custom Strings or select values from the dropdown list.

Here is a list of tags that VinylStudio normally generates automatically; you can also select these from the dropdown list. You can override these here. For a full list, please refer to the ID3 specification (or if that link is broken, try here).

ID3 tags (as used in MP3, AIFF, WAV and DSF files):

GRP1Grouping (iTunes only)
MVINMovement No. / Movement Total (e.g. 1 / 4, iTunes only)
MVNMMovement (iTunes only)
TALBAlbum title
TENCEncoder (normally written as 'VinylStudio')
TIT1Content grouping
TIT2Track title
TPE1Artist (for the track, if any, else for the album)
TPE2Album artist
TPUBLabel ('publisher')
TRCKTrack title
TSOPArtist alias
TYERRelease year (yyyy)

MP4 / M4A tags (as used in AAC and Apple Lossless files):

@albAlbum title
@ARTTrack artist
@dayRelease year (yyyy)
@grpContent grouping
@namTrack title
@tooCreator (normally written as 'VinylStudio')
@wrtComposer / conductor (composite)
@mviMovement No. (e.g. 1, iTunes only)
@mvcMovement Total (e.g. 4, iTunes only)
@mvnMovement (iTunes only)
@wrkWork (iTunes only)
aARTAlbum artist
cpilThis is a compilation album

Vorbis tags (as used in Ogg and Flac files):

ALBUMAlbum title
ARTISTTrack artist
DATERelease year (yyyy)
GROUPINGContent grouping
LOCATIONCollection name
TITLETrack title
TRACKNUMBERTrack number (1..)

DFF tags:

DIARAlbum / track artist (composite)
DITITrack title

WMA tags:

AuthorAlbum or track artist
TitleTrack title
WM/AlbumArtistAlbum artist
WM/AlbumTitleAlbum title
WM/ContentGroupDescriptionContent grouping
WM/PublisherLabel ('publisher')Genre
WM/ToolNameCreator (normally written as 'VinylStudio')
WM/TrackNumberTrack number (1..)
WM/YearRelease year (yyyy)

INFO tags (for WAV files, not widely supported, not in dropdown):

CODECreator (normally written as 'VinylStudio')
DIRCCollection name
iaarAlbum artist
IARTTrack artist
ICRDRelease year (yyyy)
IENCCreator (normally written as 'VinylStudio')
INAMTrack title
IPRDAlbum title
IPRTTrack number (1..)
ISBJAlbum artist
ISFTCreator (normally written as 'VinylStudio')
ISRFContent grouping
itrkTrack number (1.., used by Media Monkey)
TRCKTrack number (1..)