Export CD Track Listing

Export CD Track Listing

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If you would like to print a CD cover or label for CDs burned in VinylStudio, you will need to purchase a third-party editing program such as CD-Cover Editor or Easy Cover Design Pro or the CD Cover designer included in the Nero Burning Rom suite. All of these programs (and most others of a similar nature) can import a track listing from a suitably formatted file, and VinylStudio can create such a file from the tracks present in the burn list (i.e. the tracks you have most recently burnt, are burning, or are about to burn to CD).

To do this, click on the Export Track Listing button in the burn CDs window and follow the on-screen instructions. If in doubt, export an M3U file as most programs can read these. Then import the file VinylStudio creates into your CD cover editing program as follows:

CD-cover Editor (which imports M3U files):

Easy Cover Design Pro (which also imports M3U files):

Nero Cover Designer (which imports CDC files):

The only mainstream CD cover editor we know of that cannot import a track listing in this way is AudioLabel. Track information is automatically included on MP3 CDs and, most CD cover editors (including AudioLabel) can read this information.