Scan for Trackbreaks

Scan for Trackbreaks

Once you have recorded an album (both sides!), you can scan it for trackbreaks. This can be useful when Lookup Track Listing has failed to find a match or when no track times are available. It is not, however, a precise science and results can vary. You can always, of course, add trackbreaks manually, and it is well worth learning how to do so.

Scanning for Gaps Between Tracks Automatically

To scan for trackbreaks automatically, go to the Split Tracks window (if necessary) and click on Scan for Trackbreaks. This attempts to find all of the trackbreaks in your recording in one go:

Results can vary, depending on the material being scanned, and you can adjust the trackbreaks detected by Scan in the Split Tracks window. If you don't like what Scan did, use Undo () and try adjusting the scan settings, or try the semi-manual procedure described in the following section.

Scanning for Gaps Between Tracks Manually

To scan for trackbreaks manually, click to the right of the rightmost trackbreak (if any) and then click on the Scan button in the toolbar beneath the waveform display. Scan will then insert a red end-of-track marker at the next gap in the music (so keep your eyes on the waveform display as you do this).

If Scan does not go far enough, just click on the Scan button again. If it goes too far, you can use Undo () and then adjust the Scan Settings as shown above, or just drag the trackbreak to where you think it should be.

Once the trackbreak is where you want it, click in in the right-hand part of the waveform display. Then click on the Scan button again to insert the next trackbreak, and so on until all trackbreaks have been inserted.