VinylStudio Premium

An additional tier has recently been added to the VinylStudio product line - VinylStudio Premium. You can trial the new features free of charge for 30 days, after which time you have to purchase a license (or upgrade the one you already have).

In the light of inflationary pressures here in the UK, we prefer to protect our revenue stream in this way rather than raise prices in general. Apart from the introduction of VinylStudio Pro in 2018, the price of VinylStudio has not changed since 2007.

Another factor is that we don't charge for updates, but we still like to keep the software current, which takes effort.

For a cost of US$64.95 ($69.95 in the App Store), Premium offers a number of features (over and above those offered by VinylStudio Pro) as listed below.

For existing license holders, upgrade costs are as follows:

From VinylStudio Standard US$39.95
From VinylStudio Pro US$19.95

So the total cost to upgrade comes to US$69.90 either way.

To get the upgrade price, just order Premium in the usual way from our ordering page, using the same email address as when you ordered previously. The price you will be charged will be shown at the checkout before you commit to purchase.

A single license for VinylStudio Premium works for both Windows and Mac. It includes the following additional features (compared with VinylStudio Pro):

  • Multithreading (plus some improvements to the code) makes a number of things faster.
  • The maximum length of a manual click repair increases from 10ms to 100ms (killer feature!).
  • The maximum length of a patch increases from 0.25 sec to 1 sec.
  • A new type of patch - 'multiclick' has been added. We like it, it works really well. Took a bit of work, but hey.
  • The ability to save the tracks in the burn list as audio files.
  • More to follow, as and when we add them.

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