Why Choose VinylStudio?

Here is a brief rundown of some of the things that make VinylStudio special. A lot of work has gone into making VinylStudio easy to use while retaining the power and flexibility you need to get the best out of your album collection. We have also included some testimonials.

  What a fabulous program. The instructions are clear and simple but the program is so intuitive I hardly needed them. Well done also with your customer support.   - Carol E.

VinylStudio's 'Splt Tracks' windowEase of use: Because it is designed for the job at hand, VinylStudio is much easier (and faster) to use than conventional audio editors.

For example, instead of having to save each track separately, you tell VinylStudio the names of your tracks (or, if you are lucky, look them up), tell it where the trackbreaks are (by dragging markers into position) and then tell it to save your tracks. Hey presto! Job done.

Most operations in VinylStudio can be undone (and redone), making VinylStudio a productive and forgiving working environment. Moved a trackbreak by accident? No problem. Just click undo. And popup 'rollover' help is available throughout the program to help you get started.

  Really enjoying working with this bit of software - bought yesterday, such an improvement on Audacity - and am finding it very user friendly. I have been wanting to digitise my vinyl collection for years and finally got the loan of a USB turntable so revelling in hearing albums - some of which I have had for nearly 50 years! Your software is making a significant contribution to my enjoyment.   - Tim C.

VinylStudio's album listConvenience: Unlike most similar programs, VinylStudio does not expect you to keep track of your recordings as individual files. Instead, it stores them in a list, organised by artist and album title. This means that your recordings are always easy to get to, should you ever need them. If you need to burn a CD, say, or perhaps save your tracks in a different format, they're just a couple of mouse-clicks away.

All of VinylStudio's editing tools are non-destructive, which means that, instead of changing your original recordings, VinylStudio leaves them alone and applies your changes when you save your tracks. So you don't have to worry about saving multiple versions of your audio files (which are large and can consume a lot of disk space) as you work through the editing process, and if you change your mind about something you can easily make the desired alterations and save your tracks again.

  I think you are selling magic. I am over the moon with my Vinylstudio - so easy!   - Roger S.

Remove clicks from vinyl recordingsPowerful tools: VinylStudio's audio cleanup tools are not just a toy - they are extremely effective at removing clicks and scratches from your recordings. VinylStudio also has a complete set of noise reduction filters, software recording equalisation and more.

And if any of your recordings are in really bad shape, you might appreciate our unique Patch feature, which can repair damage that other programs simply cannot touch.

  VinylStudio's user interface is so simple and straightforward to use and the help function is really good. As for technical support it has been the best I have ever received from any software company in terms of advice and speed of response.   - Richard C.

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