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Cleanup Audio

This is VinylStudio's audio cleanup window, where you can, amongst other things, declick your recordings. VinylStudio's declicker is fast - scanning a typical LP side in under a minute - and flexible: you can scan the entire file or just sections of it, trying out the various settings to see what works best. Yo can also insert repairs manually should you need to and if the damage is too severe to be repaired any other way you can patch or cut out (and cross-fade) severely damaged sections or needle jumps.

There is also a full set of noise reduction filters, which are effective against tape hiss and against the type of background noise you get on shellac recordings (78s), and a graphic equaliser with normalisation facility. Finally, VinylStudio offers software recording equalisation (including RIAA), either when recording or afterwards, including a number of predefined equalisation curves.

The screenshot below is of a particularly badly damaged LP (a blob of typewriter correction fluid was dropped on the record). Some manual work was needed in this case, but the results were worth it.

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