What's New?

We continue to add new features to VinylStudio. Here's what's happened recently:

New in Version 8.8:

  • There's no need now to have a Discogs account to search their database.
  • VinylStudio can now embed ID3 tags in WAV files as well as the older INFO tag. ID3 tags are read by a wider variety of players (including VLC and Windows Media Player).
  • If you recorded your album sides in the wrong sequence (typically side 2 and then side 1), you can correct this by dragging the recorded files around in the list in the Record or Split Tracks dialog.
  • The size of the recording buffer is now configurable from 1 to 60 seconds (in the Recording Options dialog).
  • You can now record DSD from devices supporting 'native' DSD over ASIO.
  • VinylStudio now supports quad rate DSD recording.
  • Search the 'MP3 Downloads' index in the Amazon databases as well as the existing Music index. This contains more track listings and (usefully) puts in track break markers for you.
  • On Windows, VinylStudio now runs correctly in 'high contrast' mode. This should help users with a visual impairment to use the software more easily.
  • When normalising, VinylStudio now does not scan the leadin or leadout parts of the recording (provided that you define track breaks first).
  • VinylStudio can now handle upto 30 album sides per album (up from 20).
  • You can now add additional albums to your collection while recording.
  • The rumble filter now has a setting to perform just DC offset correction.
  • On Windows, pressing F11 now makes VinylStudio go full screen. Press F10 at any time to toggle the menu. Full screen operation is also supported on OS X Lion and later.
  • The recording level indicators can now display either dB or percent (linear). The latter is more precise.
  • When burning an audio CD, VinylStudio now allows you to burn a second, identical, CD more quickly.
  • Dropdown lists now position themselves to the nearest matching entry when you start typing. Just press Enter to complete the entry.
  • Various other improvements and a few bug fixes.

In Version 8.7:

  • You can now import multiple sound files for an album in a single operation. VinylStudio will also insert trackbreaks and name the tracks from the names of the imported files.
  • A number of bug fixes and minor improvements.

In Version 8.6:

  • You can now specify default filter settings to be automatically applied to each new recording.
  • Apply filter settings to multiple albums at once.
  • Support for recording Direct Stream Digital (DSD). You will need DSD-capable ADC to use this feature.
  • Unlimited audio file sizes (but please note that WAV and AIFF files are inherently limited to 4GB in size).
  • You can now import private collections from Discogs.
  • Various other improvements and a few bug fixes.

In Version 8.5:

  • Software recording equalisation (including RIAA) with automatic adjustment for turntable speed when recording 78s on a 45 RPM turntable.
  • User-editable FFT (Fourier Transform) filters.
  • Additional tagging options for classical albums.
  • There are now more options to specify what is printed when printing a collection.
  • You can now assign your own names to custom album statuses.
  • Better (and optional) tagging of WAV files.
  • Workarounds for the limitations of the ADL GT40.

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