VinylStudio Pro

Starting from 1st October 2018, VinylStudio will be split into two versions - VinylStudio Standard and VinylStudio Pro. For an additional US$ 20, VinylStudio Pro offers additional features as listed below. The cost of an upgrade from VinylStudio Standard is US$ 24.95 and VinylStudio Pro runs on both Windows and Mac.

People who purchase before the cutoff date will continue to get all the features they are used to, but new features added in VinylStudio 10 and later will only be available if you upgrade.

The following features are offered in VinylStudio Pro only:

  • The ability to import and export CUE sheets.
  • The ability to import more than one audio file at a time.
  • Recording equalisation (as used for 'flat' phono preamps and when recording pre-RIAA discs).
  • The ability to search more than one database at a time in the 'Lookup Track Listing' window.
  • The ability to import collections from Discogs.
  • Spectral View, to locate those hard-to-find clicks and scratches.
  • The 'Patch' feature, to repair wide areas of damage.
  • The ability to set default filter settings and equalisation curves.
  • The ability to define custom equalisation curves / FFT filters.
  • The ability to load and save 'noise sample' files in the Filter Settings window.
  • The ability to define custom album status names to keep track of your work.
  • The ability to enter album notes.
  • The ability to print your collection.
  • The 'Perform Frequency Analysis' feature.
  • The 'Copy to Player' function.
  • The ability to create Windows Media Player playlists.
  • The ability to export track listings when burning CDs or DVDs.
  • Most of the functions provided in the 'Batch' window. Instead, users can save their tracks for the album they are working on in the 'Split Tracks' window.
  • DSD support.
  • The ability to search Discogs by catalog number when creating or recording a new album.

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