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Noise Reduction

VinylStudio offers a comprehensive set of sound cleaning filters. All filters operate 'live' (i.e. there is no need to scan the file before you can listen to the results) and you can filter the entire recording or just parts of it (particular tracks, for example).

The hiss filter has been designed to introduce minimal 'artefacts' (such as warbling or a metallic quality) into the music - although all hiss filtering software does this to some degree or another - and the result is a very natural sound which compares extremely well with competing products we have evaluated. For some examples, please visit our sound samples page.

The hum and rumble filters have minimal impact on sound quality. Recordings made from Vinyl often contain a modest amount of hum which, if not removed, can be heard in quiet passages. Rumble, which generally originates from the turntable bearings, can potentially damage your loudspeakers at high volume settings.

Graphic Equaliser and Normalisation

Here is a screenshot of VinylStudio's 10-band graphic equaliser. Like the filters above, you will hear your results immediately and equalisation can, if desired, be selectively applied to different parts of the recording. In conjunction with the hiss filter, it is particularly useful for boosting the treble on cassette tapes which can otherwise sound rather dull.

VinylStudio can also adjust the volume of your recordings so that they all sound more or less the same ('Normalisation'), or you can adjust it yourself with the preamp sliders. It does this (and everything else) without changing your original recordings in any way, so you stil have them to go back to if you want change your mind about something.

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